Amazon Protects Against Fraud With Multi-Factor Authentication

Factor has not only become the greatest online book store, but is also a multinational ecommerce company. The business was spreading its reach for example branches of a river while supplying goods to countries across the environment. started off by profiting out of having an online book brokering system and after offering many products. grew its business through internet associates in the form of users.

When scaling a business with users contributing to both ends of business, exchanging, fraudulent and malicious activities act inevitable. Amazon didn’t become one of the greatest ecommerce websites on earth by lacking in security though. In ’09, Amazon started to offer multi-factor authentication to protect its users against fraud. They currently supply free identification through any mobile device or computer which can run a Time-Based onetime Password application. They also offer paid multi-factor authentication via a third party proprietary authentication token from Gemalto that’s assumed to provide increased security.

Free Amazon Multi-Factor Authentication

If you can conduct a time-based one time password application on your smart phone,Amazon seller course tablet computer or computer it is possible to use the free AWS MFA process. Using this system, when you log in your accounts with your traditional password, a token will be delivered to this application form. The token is actually a one-time password that’s generated by an out of band network separate from the user’s log in network which reduces the chances of individual from the middle attacks and also makes the authentication process more secure.

Gemalto Multi-Factor Authentication

To enhance security farther, Amazon’s users may pay for service through Gemalto which provides a key fob apparatus for authentication. Amazon states Gemalto’s third-part proprietary token apparatus offers better security than the completely free process. Subsequent to the RSA hard token breaches, lots of folks are doubtful concerning the proprietary OTP token’s security.

Secure Cloud Computing

Amazon, like most companies, is conducted onto a cloud of servers which allows remote access of data to many users at the same time. and its cloud network offer financial info to its publishers so they are able to track their own earnings. A publisher’s user accounts may display earnings and options to get payment into the user. This is one of reasons why the need for authentication security working with a multi-factor process has to be necessary.

Perhaps one of the soundest types of security for virtually any company storing data on the cloud would be utilizing an out-of-band, multi-factor authentication process which Amazon has employed. This is especially true for e commerce web sites that might be keeping financial data and private information owned by tens of thousands of users. This extra layer of security could possibly be the reason the multi national electronic-commerce business has yet been present on recent statistics breach lists.

2011 has been the entire year of information breaches and more companies are becoming like Amazon and are starting to utilize computing. Will these companies follow lawsuit to provide much better protection and privacy with their users that are accessing information on the cloud or will there be a larger data breach list containing more corporations in 2012? Businesses utilizing the cloud to store and access information should add extra layers of security to protect the information and the ideal way in order for them to do that is to make use of multi factor authentication.

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